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Get your foundation waterproofing done by one of the area’s waterproofing experts!

Foundation Waterproofing in Toronto, OntarioWhen it comes to the integrity of any structure, a sure foundation is a must! A solid foundation is so important that we even use “foundations” to describe everything from the security of a company to honesty and integrity. Without a solid and dry foundation, you can run into issues like water leaking in, damage, cracks, and more. If you are in an area with a high water table or have poor drainage due to some slope issues, Ample Epoxy Systems is here to help you with your foundation waterproofing needs.

We have built our company on a foundation of honesty and integrity (see what we did there?) when it comes to your foundation waterproofing. We don’t think it’s right to tell a customer that waterproofing their entire basement is necessary when really fixing a crack will do and will cost them less in the process! With our quality epoxy materials, we can effectively waterproof your home’s foundation so that you don’t have to worry about water seeping in during rainy days or any other time.

In Toronto, Ontario, we know that you have your pick of companies to choose from that may offer foundation waterproofing as part of their services. However, when you want someone who does quality work, is experienced, and believes in charging fair pricing for their customers, you want our team here at Ample Epoxy Systems!

We would love to tell you more about our foundation waterproofing process as well as any other services that we offer. If you have questions or would like to know if your foundation needs waterproofing, please get in contact with us today.





At Ample Epoxy Systems, we offer foundation waterproofing services in Barrie, Orillia, Midhurst, Midland, Collingwood, Bradford, Toronto, Newmarket, Alliston, the GTA, and all of Simcoe County, Ontario.