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Weeping Tile Waterproofing, Orillia, ON

Weeping tile waterproofing efforts ensure water will flow perfectly into a secure space.

Weeping Tile Waterproofing in Orillia, Ontario

You cannot afford to allow water to move into your foundation in your Orillia, Ontario home. You need to utilize a weeping tile waterproofing process to keep your foundation from harm.

What Does This Entail?

Weeping tile waterproofing is a process that entails the creation of channels that flow into a drainage space outside a foundation wall. The weeping tile system moves water out of the way while keeping that water from moving into your foundation.

As water goes into the canal, it will make its way into a small space that naturally moves into a sump pit or another space. A slight grade is used to allow the water to flow downward towards the drainage space without pooling up.

What Makes This Work Well?

The weeping tile layout on your property will go over a dirt layer found around the concrete slab used along the foundation. The system is laid out over that space to keep the channels of water that are handled here from clogging.

Those channels produced by the weeping tile setup will move water away from the foundation space and into a secure spot where the water can be drained. This may work with a sump pit or other drainage option to clear the water out.

Having a weeping tile waterproofing system in your property is critical for ensuring your space can drain well and prevent flooding problems. Talk with us at Ample Epoxy Systems to see how your Orillia home can use a weeping tile system.

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