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Basement Waterproofing Services, Midland, ON

Our experienced team had been providing basement waterproofing services to clients in the Midland area since 1993.

Basement Waterproofing Services in Midland, OntarioWhen you have a basement in your Midland, Ontario home, you probably enjoy having the extra square footage and storage space for your family. One of the problems with basements is that they can be hard to keep dry. If you have a leaky pipe or broken appliance that lets out a sudden onslaught of water, you may find that the basement suffers much of the damage. Water settles at the lowest point, which makes the basement a prime target. It’s also challenging to keep the basement dry if you have a cracked or damaged foundation, since this will allow water to come through anytime the ground is wet outside. Since we have higher levels of humidity in the area, you may also notice moisture condensing on the windows.

One of the best ways to combat basement moisture is to bring in a professional for basement waterproofing services. Our experienced team at Ample Epoxy Systems can handle the job, since we’ve been providing basement waterproofing services to clients in the Midland area since 1993. We start by assessing the cause of the excess moisture in the basement. If it’s due to a foundation crack, we can also provide an estimate to repair the damage. From there, we will discuss options that work for you. One option is an interior weeping tile system that allows the foundation walls to serve as a drainage system for excessive moisture. We can also install a new sump pump as part of our basement waterproofing services. Call us today to learn more!

At Ample Epoxy Systems, we offer basement waterproofing services in Barrie, Orillia, Midhurst, Midland, Collingwood, Bradford, Newmarket, Alliston, the GTA, and all of Simcoe County, Ontario.