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Epoxy Coating, Orillia, ON

A stylish and beneficial flooring epoxy coating is more affordable for your Orillia business than you might think.

Epoxy Coating in Orillia, OntarioThere is a growing interest in keeping flooring in many types of businesses as simple as possible, making concrete the flooring of choice. But that doesn’t mean it has to be drab and uninviting, nor does it mean it has to be difficult to keep it looking attractive. At Ample Epoxy Systems, we can incorporate an epoxy coating onto your Orillia, Ontario concrete floors that not only looks great, but has a number of added benefits as well.

Epoxy coating on concrete creates a seal that makes the concrete far easier to clean and also makes it resistant to stains and chemical damage. It is a cost-efficient option for adding durability, which prevents wear and damage to your concrete floor. This method can also increase efficiency because the smooth surface allows for easier movement of products.

Increased safety is another reason to have us take care of adding an epoxy coating to your concrete floors. The brightness it adds to the work area allows your employees to see what they are doing. The epoxy coating also makes the floors slip-resistant. Both of these factors can result in fewer injuries on the job, which could be costly to your business.

By using various colours, we can create the look you desire, including sectioning off certain areas or foot traffic or work zone “walkways” to make your warehouse more organized. Decorative patterns can be used for retail locations or restaurants where appearance is especially important.

These are just a few of the benefits and ideas for incorporating epoxy coatings into your business. Give us a call today to get a quote for what you have in mind. We have provided the best in epoxy coating services since 1993.

At Ample Epoxy Systems, we offer epoxy coating services in Barrie, Orillia, Midhurst, Midland, Collingwood, TorontoBradford, Newmarket, Alliston, the GTA, and all of Simcoe County, Ontario.


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