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Why Every Gearhead Could Use Epoxy Coating

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When you work on cars and other mechanical workings at home, you know that this type of work, while enjoyable and entertaining, can also be very messy! Does that mean that you should be banished to the outdoors instead of working near your tools? No! If you consider yourself to be something of a gearhead or even if you just enjoy doing some maintenance on your own cars and bikes at home, you could use an epoxy coating for your garage floors!

you could use an epoxy coating for your garage floors

Epoxy coatings on your flooring work very similarly to a coat of protective varnish on a piece of furniture. With this extra protective layer, you are able to keep the concrete or other material underneath the epoxy coating protected. Since epoxy coating is incredibly strong, it acts as a barrier between whatever you are working on and the concrete below. Additionally, it can withstand the use of heavy tools, lots of movement and traffic, and the weight of many vehicles without cracking or pitting.

In addition to being strong, your favorite gearhead can finally keep their own garage space clean with epoxy coatings! While concrete is strong, it is also somewhat absorbent, which means stains from oil and grease will be everywhere if left unprotected. Epoxy coating, on the other hand, allows for easy cleanup without worry of stains.

If you have a garage that is starting to look a little worse for the wear, but you want to continue working on cars and other machines, Ample Epoxy Systems can help you with an epoxy coating for your garage or work surface. Let us know what we can do for you today regarding epoxy coating.