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What to do When Your Foundation Cracks

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Foundation issues in your home are very expensive to fix.  There are some early signs of foundation problems to look for.  The sooner you spot the problem, the easier it is to fix. Preventative measures can reduce the risk of having larger problems in the future.  The resale value of a home is much higher if you have not encountered any foundation problems, such as foundation cracks.

evaluate your foundation cracks

It is normal for a house, especially a new build, to settle a little bit.  This is due to a hole being dug in the ground larger than your home so that the foundation can be poured and then backfill dirt poured in.  When the home is finished being built, the dirt settles and sometimes becomes a little uneven, which affects the level foundation of your home.

There are a few signs inside your home to look for to see if you are beginning to have problems with foundation cracks.  You may find a few cracks in your walls or floors, and doors and windows may not close properly and become ajar.

As concrete cures, it is normal for it to shrink a little bit.  When it doesn’t shrink evenly, it can crack.  Small, hairline cracks will not affect the sturdiness of your foundation.  The larger and wider the crack is, the more there is to worry about.  There are different kinds of cracks to be aware of, including vertical cracks, L-shaped cracks, diagonal cracks and horizontal cracks.

When in doubt, contact our team here at Ample Epoxy Systems to evaluate your foundation cracks and give you an estimate.