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What is an Epoxy Coating and Where is it Used?

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An epoxy coating is usually applied to concrete floors to provide a sturdy, smooth, durable floor.  Epoxy is one part epoxide resin and one part polyamine hardener.  When these two things are combined, it hardens and leaves you with a strengthened durability that wasn’t there before.

Epoxy coating is very easy to apply

Common places that epoxy is applied include garage floors, industrial floors, warehouses and basements.  Some benefits of having epoxy coating are the following:

  • The smooth, shiny surface is easy to clean.  Epoxy coating helps coat and cover up cracks, dents and dings in your flooring, leaving a smooth concrete floor.
  • The hard, smooth coating of an epoxy floor helps keep the flooring durable, especially in areas where there is a heavy flow of traffic.
  • Epoxy coating is very easy to apply, and there is no need to cut away flooring or remove anything or any sort of special tools needed to apply it.  This is an easy way to increase the value of your home or business, providing durability and a nice, clean aesthetic.
  • Once the coating is applied, there is no major maintenance required other than cleaning it.
  • Floors with an epoxy coating are less likely to be damaged from water such as spills, drips and leaks.  You need to be aware of any water that is on the flooring and clean it up, but there won’t be major damage if it is unnoticed for a short amount of time.

Epoxy coated floors are resistant to chemicals and stains.  This is a desirable aspect for those who use different chemicals or liquids in their line of work.