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Epoxy Coating Services
There are many types of companies that can benefit from epoxy coating services. With the durability and aesthetic beauty involved with this project, you could be one of any number of industries that are looking at epoxy coating. Here are the top industries that are creating a never-ending demand for anything from small to large scale projects.

  • Medical Industry – One of the concerns you may have if you are a pharmaceutical company or other medical-related business is the need to pass audits and inspections. Having a glossy, unblemished, unstained floor gained through epoxy coating services will make it easier to do that.
  • Food and Beverage Industry – Everything from food production to restaurants need to adhere to safety checks, particularly if certifications are desired. If you need floors that are easy to maintain and clean while combatting bacteria and other contaminants, epoxy coating services are your ideal solution. Grocery stores are another option in this industry that can benefit from easy cleanup and durability.
  • Body Shops – Painting vehicles requires a very clean environment so that dust and debris do not interfere with the results. Utilizing epoxy coating services will provide you with an easy-to-clean surface in preparation for the day’s painting activities. It will also clean up easily afterward.

If you are wondering if epoxy coating services would be ideal for your industry, don’t hesitate to contact us at Ample Epoxy Systems. We’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss the process and the benefits you can experience that can make your business more successful and profitable.