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Surface PreparationYou already know that if you are painting the walls in your home, the time you spend with surface preparation is key to getting the best results. That is equally as true when getting ready to apply an epoxy coating to a concrete floor. It isn’t just important so that it looks right when completed, but also to ensure long-lasting results. Here are some surface preparation methods that can be utilized by your epoxy coating professional:

  • Sanding – It is unlikely that this will be the surface preparation that will be used unless you are looking to have recoating done. If your epoxy coating professional is telling you that this is the method they’ll use, you might want to consider someone else.
  • Stone Grinding – This was a common method of surface preparation in the past but advances in the industry have permitted better options. This method should only be used for soft concrete surfaces as it isn’t effective on hard concrete or epoxy.
  • Diamond Grinding – This is the method that has become the most popular, replacing stone grinding. It is a versatile method that works well with both soft and hard concrete. It provides a deep, harsh profile ideal for epoxy coating bonding and strips off contaminants, such as paint layers and oily patches.
  • Shot-Blasting – This method of surface preparation is aggressive and not recommended for anything but high-quality concrete as it could damage the substrate. It does, however, make an exceptional deep profile for bonding and could be warranted in some situations.

Overall, the thicker the epoxy coating that is needed, the deeper the surface preparation involved. To learn more about epoxy coating and the necessary surface preparation method, give us a call at Ample Epoxy Systems.