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Epoxy Floor Coating

If you’ve been considering painting your garage floor to get a nicer appearance, you should know that aesthetics could be the only benefit you get whereas there is another option with far more benefits – epoxy floor coating. While some paints may have some epoxy in them, only a true epoxy floor coating will give you these benefits:

  • Epoxy floor coating cures, giving superior durability and strength. It bonds to a well-prepared surface rather than lying on top of it like paint does.
  • The added durability and strength makes it resistant to chemicals, stains, impacts, abrasion, and chipping. Your garage floor goes through significant abuse, but you’ll no longer need to worry about a dropped wrench damaging your garage floor. In fact, you’ll be able to roll around your tool box and other equipment without fear.
  • It will be far easier to clean your garage floor as an epoxy floor coating is naturally moisture resistant. You’ll only need a bit of soap and water to clean up even the messiest spills and leaks from vehicles.
  • You can also create a non-skid surface by adding a slip resistant aggregate to the epoxy floor coating. This is ideal in wet climates or when laundry facilities and other wet uses could make your garage floor slippery.

If you would like to know more about epoxy floor coating for your garage or get a quote, give us a call at Ample Epoxy Systems. We’ll be happy to discuss this improvement with you, so you can decide if it makes sense for your situation.