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Is Basement Waterproofing Really Necessary?

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A leaky basement can lead to bigger problems such as more flooding, cracks in the basement flooring and a decrease in the value of your home.  Water can weaken your house structure and damage your foundation, which is a very costly repair. One thing you can do as a preventative measure is basement waterproofing.  This is an important thing to do to your home no matter where you live, but it’s essential to do if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or is in a fairly wet climate.

One thing you can do as a preventative measure is basement waterproofing

There are a few different basement waterproofing methods. To prevent water damage to your basement walls, interior and exterior, and floors, choose which of the following methods would be right for you.  Here are a few of the more common options:

  • Interior sealants. This is more of a temporary measure to be done before winter or an upcoming rainy season. Homeowners choose to do this on the inside of their walls in the basement to keep out the moisture. Wet walls can lead to mold, which can affect your health and air quality.
  • Exterior sealants. Exterior basement waterproofing systems stop the groundwater from reaching the basement walls. High water tables and poorly graded homes will greatly benefit from applying an exterior sealant.
  • Locate problem areas that are in need of basement waterproofing.  Look for cracks, leaks, wet walls, drips, and problems such as cracks or moist spots in the foundation.
  • Crack injection. There are materials that can be used to fill and repair cracks. Filling cracks is often times a temporary solution and will have to be further looked into.

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