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Foundation Waterproofing – Is it
Worth The Cost?

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There are many decisions that homeowners need to make.  Some are costlier than others, so you need to weigh the pros and cons of whether you do certain things to your home or not.  When it comes to the foundation of your home, no shortcuts should be taken.  A good foundation is a strong platform for your house to sit on that keeps out the moisture and resists movement from the earth. The foundation is the solid base of your house that the entire structure sits on.  There are measures you can take to keep the foundation as strong as possible. Foundation waterproofing includes using sealants and installing a sump pump.  This is something you should invest your money in, and here are a few reasons why:

• Foundation waterproofing will help protect your home against floods.  There are many ways a basement can flood, such as a broken sprinkler head, heavy rain, broken water pipes, a faucet that was left running, melted snow, or a poorly graded lot.  A flooded basement is extremely expensive to fix.  Although you do have to pay the cost of foundation waterproofing, it is less expensive than repairing a flooded basement and is well worth your investment.

Foundation waterproofing includes using sealants

• Cracks in a basement floor or wall can lead to larger cracks and make your foundation weaker.  These cracks are also breeding ground for mold to grow.  Mold likes to grow in cold, damp places, and it is bad for your health.

• Foundation waterproofing can prevent water and moisture from coming through the walls even where there are no cracks.  Wet walls weaken the structure and lead to further problems.